Timed Reminders with Alpha Clock Five

This week my boss decided that our bi-weekly code publish schedule needed to be revised. Instead of having everything ready the Monday before publish on Tuesday, we now need to have all our code reviewed and staged by Thursday, the week before Tuesday morning publishes.

I’m never gonna remember that. So I modified my Alpha Clock Five to remind me. Check it out:


Using the code that I wrote a few days ago I was able to update the firmware to scroll “STAGE CODE” on Thursdays, on even minutes, every 15 seconds.

Here’s how I did it:

The Code:

//in the void UpdateDisplay (byte forceUpdate) method I added this to the if-else chain

else if(weekday() == 5 && (minute() % 2) == 0 && second() % 15 == 0) //Every Thursday, on even numbered minutes, scroll "STAGE CODE" every 15 seconds
//in the void DisplayWordSequence (byte sequence) method I added this to the switch

case 10:
if (wordSequenceStep >= 1 && wordSequenceStep < 15){
    GetWordStep("STAGE CODE", 10, wordSequenceStep);
    DisplayWord(wordOut, 500);
    wordSequence = 0;

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